Who’s Got The Best Burgers?

There are sites on the Web where you can get reviews of the latest hoity-toity restaurants, places where they make fancy dishes that I can’t pronounce, but there comes a time when you just want to find out where to get a good hamburger. The Zagat Fast Food Survey is a good site to find out just where the best burgers and fries are. The Zagat people have surveyed thousands of folks about fast food, and here is where you’ll find the answers. There are ratings for the best burgers, fries, salads, fried chicken, coffee, milkshake, ice cream, and more. There are also results for categories like: Top Facilities, Top Service, and Top Food. There are many more categories, and you may be surprised at where some well-known restaurants have ended up in the ratings.


One Response

  1. I think the best burgers are made on the grill at home! Especially when made with some good ground kobe beef and served with some good wine! Cheers!

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