A Fun New Image Editor

I’m always happy to learn about new image editing programs, because I like to take digital photographs and play with them. Not that I’m a talented artist or anything, but it’s fun to see what kind of changes you can make to that photo of the family cat sitting on the couch, for example (like turning its hair blue). That’s why I think I’ll be spending lots of time at the Phoenix Image Editor pages at Aviary.com. This is a full-featured image editor that allows you to do tons of stuff to your photos, and it’s all free (unless you want the premium plan, which has more features). There’s a full suite of editing tools, lots of layers to use, dozens of tutorials so you can get up to speed quickly, and the ability to share and collaborate with other users. It’s pretty cool, and I guarantee I’ll be posting some unusual creations to Flickr real soon.
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