100 Amazing Google Maps

In the old days, before Google Maps, I used to get lost pretty much anytime I went somewhere new. I have a lousy sense of direction, and I don’t like asking other people for directions, which is a recipe for disaster. When the Internet mapping sites came online I was saved, and even though I now have a GPS system in my car, I still use Google Maps or another mapping site almost every time I go somewhere. What’s really neat about Google Maps, however, is that people are always finding new ways to use it. Take a look at Google Maps: 100+ Best Tools And Mashups, and you’ll see what I mean. This is a list of some amazing stuff, including: a taxi fare estimator for Washington, DC; a trip planner for the London tube that also lets you search for local businesses along your route; a trip planner for public transport in Dublin, Ireland; a map of almost 15,000 wifi hotspots in the U.S.; the location of public bathrooms anywhere in the U.S.; an interactive map of locations from the Bible; and much more. People are creating new mashups of Google Maps all the time, and this is an exciting time for all those geographically challenged folks like me.
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