Hundred Zeros – Download Free Books for Kindle

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this one. I’m a self-published author, so of course I’d like to sell as many of my ebooks as possible, and I don’t really like all the free ebooks there are online. The availability of free ebooks make it hard for guys like me to make a living, because so many people are filling up their e-readers with free stuff. However, in the interest of serving my audience, I’ll tell you about Hundred Zeros, which is a site that lists tons of free ebooks every day. These are supposedly best-sellers, too, which means you’re getting a real bargain. Amazon’s KDP program allows authors to offer their ebooks for free five times every quarter. Hundred Zeros keeps track of these freebies, and gives you links to them. It’s a great way to save money on your ebooks, but please — consider buying an ebook from authors like me who don’t always give their work away for nothing. Remember — there are a lot of great indie authors out there waiting to be discovered!

Hundred Zeros – Download Free Books for Kindle.


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