About Me

My name is John McDonnell, and I’ve been a writer all my life. I write prose, poetry, blogs, articles, newsletters — just about anything except the backs of cereal boxes. Nowadays I write e-books. I write fiction: horror, humor, some sentimental stories, and whatever else comes out of my imagination. My e-books are available on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Because I like finding useful sites on the Web, I decided to start this blog. You’ll find useful sites here, but also other types of writing from me. Contact me at jaymack@comcast.net.Photo 547


3 Responses

  1. Hi John

    I circulated your URL in my weekly product update as General News. If I have the opportunity to need your services I have you tagged. I will circulate in further weekly updates as our customer base grows, if that is okay by you.

    Good Luck

    Doug Tozer

  2. Hi John,

    Just review your site, its good and you are definately circulating good and vital info – on the web.

    Will stay in touch with you, to work out mutual.

    Thanks, Shwet

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