TOP English Reading Websites

Here’s a great site for teachers, students, and anyone who is trying to learn English as a second language. TOP English Reading Websites has links to sites where you can find resources for reading English. There are links to online libraries with thousands of ebooks, newspapers, audiobooks and more. This is a page at a site called Speechy Project, which has many resources for language teaching, and a lot of them are free. There are links to English grammar Web sites, vocabulary builders, writing and reading tutors, and much more. Check it out!




Hot Sheet Web Directory

You can waste a lot of time on the Web, so that’s why it’s nice to have a home page on your Web browser that has links to all the sites you use the most — that way you can be sure you’ll be as efficient as possible. The Hot Sheet Web Directory makes a great starting page, because it has links to dozens of useful sites. It has links to sites in categories like: Government, Health, History, News, Reference, Science, Sports, Shopping, Travel, Technology, Utilities, Weather, and much more.

You just scroll down the page and click on the link you need. It’s a simple, no-frills page with lots of links so you’ll spend your time getting information instead of just looking at at pretty pictures. Check out the Hot Sheet Web Directory, and save time in your Web browsing.



Hot Sheet Web Directory | Online Shopping Mall | Multi-Search | Travel Sites | Instant News | Mobile Friendly Portal.

Word Dynamo Builds Your Vocabulary — And It’s Fun

If you’re a writer, a student, or just someone who likes words, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this great new tool from It’s called Word Dynamo and it’s perhaps the best tool on the Internet for strengthening your vocabulary in the English language.

So how does it work? To begin with, you are given a few words and you have to select the definitions from a list of four choices. These words become increasingly difficult and you’re almost guaranteed to miss at least one of them. Once this initial test is complete, Word Dynamo uses your results to estimate the number of words in your vocabulary and presents you with new tests to help you increase your word power.

It plays almost like a game, and can become very addictive. As you increase your “Word Score” (the estimated number of words in your vocabulary) you increase your rank, and as your rank increases, you’re given harder words. Very quickly, you find yourself trying to reach the highest rank and greatly increasing your vocabulary in the process.

Anybody could stand to increase his/her vocabulary, but especially for writers and public speakers, a tool like this one is extremely valuable. It would be silly not to at least give it a try. – Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community

Okay, I can’t say I’ll ever use any of these links — I’m a writer, not a mathematician — but – Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community looks like a great resource for scientists, mathematicians, students, teachers, researchers — anybody who uses math on a regular basis. There are links to books, discussion forums, tutorials, reference sites, universities — even jobs for mathematicians. Maybe there’s even a set of resources for math idiots like me — I’m going to check it out.


The best writer’s resources on the web – Writer’s Knowledge Base

Can’t find the right word? Stuck on a plot point? Stymied by a character who won’t do what you want? Need to find research on famous explosions? There’s probably help for your problem on the Internet, but how do you find it? Go to the Writer’s Knowledge Base. This database was compiled by author Elizabeth Spann Craig, and it’s got a treasure trove of links to sites that have advice, information, and help for writers. Craig searches for writing links on the Web and she Tweets about them, but she also assembled all of her resources in one place — here. Definitely bookmark this page if you’re a writer, but there’s something here for just about everyone.

Mentat Wiki: All Kinds of Mind Hacks

Want to remember those chapters on 19th century history for your exam? Or maybe you just want to remember where you put your car keys. You’ll find lots of techniques and information for developing your memory at Mentat Wiki. This Wiki also has other types of Mind Hacks, which are techniques for getting the most out of your brain cells. There’s information about speed learning, speed reading, creativity training, idea generating, problem solving, and much more. This is a portal for all types of mental training, and it’s worth a visit!

The Mother Of All Portals

When I wrote my e-newsletter about free Web research resources, I often profiled sites I found from The WWW Virtual Library. This is a renowned site that lists Web portals in many subjects. The portals are collections of links put together by experts in various fields, and they’re loaded with great research sites. Each portal has dozens, if not hundreds, of links to subjects like: Agriculture, Business, Computing, Education, Engineering, International Affairs, Law, Regional Studies, and more. You can drill down many levels in these portals, and you’ll be amazed at the information you can find. It’s a great resource for businesspeople, students, journalists, and researchers of all kinds.