Top 2010 Search Engine List

I’ve been searching the Internet for my job since 1995, and a lot of search engines have come and gone in that time. Google is the big dog in the search engine field right now, but there are lots of smaller, more specialized search engines out there. These can be useful if you’re looking for very specific information and you don’t want to be overwhelmed with results. If  you want to see what other search engines are out there, go to List of Search Engines – Top 2010 Search Engine List. Here you’ll find a lot of options for Web searching, although here’s one warning: the list was made in 2010, and some of the engines have run out of gas since then. There are plenty of others that are still up and running, though, so have fun exploring this list (and maybe you’ll find a better search engine for your needs than Google!).


48 Really Useful Sites

If you like this Really Useful Sites Web site, you’ll love my new ebook. It’s a collection of some of the best, most useful sites I’ve written about in the last few years, and they’re all gathered together in one place. Every site has my review telling you the highlights of the site, plus there’s a link to each one, so you can go directly there. It’s a great way to organize your Web surfing, because you can have all your useful links in one place. There are useful sites in dozens of categories. Check it out! It’s available on Smashwords here!

48 Really Useful Sites ebook


A Site With Free Documentary Films

As if there weren’t enough ways to suck time from your day online, here’s a site where you can spend hours watching documentary films. Seriously, though, you’ll probably learn more at this site than you will watching endless YouTube videos of people doing silly, outrageous or just plain stupid things. It’s called  Top Documentary Films – Watch Free Documentaries Online, and here you’ll find films about science, philosophy, climate change, black holes, politics, manic-depression, atheism, Julian Assange, and much more. When you’re done watching the documentary you can comment on it and get involved in discussions on a message board. This is a great site for wasting time, but also learning something valuable — and it’s free.

FilmFold Is For Movie Buffs And More

Here’s one for all the film buffs and anybody trying to break into the entertainment industry. looks to be a fantastic resource for anybody with an interest in the art and business of making movies. Whether you’re an aspiring director, an actor looking for work, or just a movie fan who is interested in the process of filmmaking, FilmFold is packed with interesting and useful tools.

The site has information on just about every job there is to be done on a movie set, from the producer to the storyboard artist to the costume supervisor. For anyone looking for work in the film industry, there is also a great list of resources for finding jobs, both big and small, on movie sets.

The site features a blog, links to the websites for just about every film school in the world, a forum for independent filmmakers and enthusiasts to discuss the process, a list of hundreds of film festivals sorted based on the month in which they take place, and hundreds of film and televisions scripts that are free to read.

Definitely some cool stuff here. – Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community

Okay, I can’t say I’ll ever use any of these links — I’m a writer, not a mathematician — but – Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community looks like a great resource for scientists, mathematicians, students, teachers, researchers — anybody who uses math on a regular basis. There are links to books, discussion forums, tutorials, reference sites, universities — even jobs for mathematicians. Maybe there’s even a set of resources for math idiots like me — I’m going to check it out.


What do you love?

What do you love? is a new site from Google that looks pretty cool. You just type in a keyword and Google will produce a page of links to everything it can find on the topic, divided by categories like: blogs, videos, translations, discussion groups, 3D art, and lots more. It’s a quick and easy way to find information, and although some of what it finds will not be what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something useful that will turn up. I like it!

Library of Congress Bibliographies, Research Guides, and Finding Aids Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress

This site is a researcher’s dream. The mammoth Library of Congress has links to hundreds of research guides on all sorts of topics. Everything from Adams, John to Wright, Frank Lloyd — and a whole lot in between. If you’re a researcher, writer, librarian, student, or just somebody who’s curious about a topic, this site is a gold mine for you!

Library of Congress Bibliographies, Research Guides, and Finding Aids Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress.