Top 2010 Search Engine List

I’ve been searching the Internet for my job since 1995, and a lot of search engines have come and gone in that time. Google is the big dog in the search engine field right now, but there are lots of smaller, more specialized search engines out there. These can be useful if you’re looking for very specific information and you don’t want to be overwhelmed with results. If  you want to see what other search engines are out there, go to List of Search Engines – Top 2010 Search Engine List. Here you’ll find a lot of options for Web searching, although here’s one warning: the list was made in 2010, and some of the engines have run out of gas since then. There are plenty of others that are still up and running, though, so have fun exploring this list (and maybe you’ll find a better search engine for your needs than Google!).


Finding Information on the Internet: Table of Contents

Finding Information on the Internet: Table of Contents. This is a useful site from UC Berkeley that gives some good basic information about how to research using Internet sources. The Internet can be overwhelming, but this site breaks it down into a manageable system. It doesn’t just tell you where to go to find information; it tells you how to find the most targeted information for your purposes. Good links here.